Sunday, 21 July 2013

Shots in Qatar.

We had spent a good vacation in Doha-Qatar in January and February 2013, and as you know winter in the Gulf is so joyful and fun!
We also had spotted many Exotics on Doha roads! 
Here are some examples! 
Lamborghini Aventador! 

C63 AMG Coupe, with astonishing paint job! 

Ferrari 458 Italia eyes!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Our coverage in Qatar Motor Show.

In January 29 till February 3 the Qatar Motor Show was held in Doha where we had some cool time with different types of super cars.
First of all we loved to share this cool unknown classic car.

Our Journey Inside began with this well-done M Power (BMW F12 M6).
as we all know the 5.0 liters V10 engine(E63 M6) was replaced by the 4.4 liters V8 engine (F12 M6) which produces 560 hp.