Saturday, 31 August 2013

2 beasts at once

We were lucky to meet those sexy-looking beasts (SLS AMG and the Audi R8) at the same time in Amman Jordan!
Both cars are for sale and both are used! The SLS AMG is 2011 the R8 is 2009!
The SLS has a 6.2 Liters V8, the Audi 4.2 V8 with no turbos for both! The SLS produces 563 HP and the Audi 414 HP! But the the R8 is 4-wheel drive while the SLS is Rear-wheel drive! 

With this close numbers, so why there is a 165,000 JDs price gap! 
Both cars are well-engineered, both are exotic and both are powerful! 

The guy who parked the Audi is brave to put it in this tight area! 

 Can't get any closer! 
The interior, lovely dashboard and lovely steering wheel!

 @ a 260,000 JD's the SLS AMG is 165,000 JD's more than the Audi R8!

  Truly a beast! 

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