Sunday, 22 December 2013

5,000 Horsepower, 560 km/h and made in Dubai?

Devel Sixteen @ Dubai Motor show.
Last year we heard that a Lebanese company called W Motors started producing the most expensive car currently in production (the Lykan HyperSport @ 3.4 M $) which has a 3.7 liters flat-six engine, a car that produces 740 Horsepower, 960 N-m of torque and a top speed of 386.2 km/h (240 mph).

But now we are announcing about a car that doubles those numbers and costs less which is called the Devel Sixteen, a car which has a 16-cylinder engine, produces 5,000 Horsepower and a top speed of 560 km/h.

 As the Lykan HyperSport is made in Lebanon the Devel Sixteen is made in Dubai-United Arab Emirates, the production version will costs 1 M $ (2.4 M $ less than the Lykan HyperSport) and already three clients have placed an order.

The Car was first shown in Dubai Motor show 2013 and we were lucky to get a clear shot of it.
We hope to see more competition and success between the Arab in super cars production.

Photo credits: Raad Maiah @ Dubai motor show.

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